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The world is becoming increasingly more aware of the development potential of the African continent.

By development, first of all we mean the development of the African population. Without hypocrisy, we can say that this would result in obvious advantages to all world economies.

It would be inappropriate for a Network of international shipping and forwarding agents to examine the reasons which led to the present situation. We would rather let more qualified people do that.

International shipping and forwarding agents have quite a “cockeyed” outlook – they carefully keep an eye on the present, while they look at the future with the other eye.

We are more and more convinced that the future of our activity will be based on traffic to and from Africa, especially when we think of the infrastructure that will have to be created, the available manpower willing to improve their standard of living, not to mention millions of potential new consumers.

For our job, traffic to the African continent may undoubtedly be as significant as traffic to the Americas and then to the Far East once was.

The creation of this new Network comes after and fulfills similar initiatives that we launched in the past.

The Management of ALNA — Airfreight Logistic Network for Africa

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Covered Areas

Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa is growing day by day. We select every week new potential members checking their past experience and reliability...

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Protection Plan

The protection of the Members’ credits inside the Network is undoubles one of the basis of a good working of every Network...


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