ALNA is an excellent tool for a continuous business development as the membership offers plenty of benefits:

  • Protection Plan – included in the fees – NO EXTRA to be paid
  • New Member Directory Platform – acts as an own website, offering structured information about each member; a plus: the instant interaction
  • Verified and high quality members – all applicants have to meet strict entry criteria
  • Members specialized in Project Cargo, IATA licensed agents, time critical experts, fresh and cool chain, air cargo sales agents and many more
  • Mainly IATA licensed members or with high annual airfreight volume
  • Exclusive partnership with Africa Logistics Network – full access to the members at no additional charge
  • Limited number of members per country
  • 100% Coverage of the African Continent with trustworthy and professional freight forwarding companies
  • Network Management full support on gaining new business – you only have to send your brochure and we will highlight your skills
  • Marketing tools always at your disposal – helps to save time and make targeted sales
  • Dedicated department for social networks – our team will spread your company name inside and outside ALNA through our vast database on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Best work, awards, celebration are publicized on our website and newsletter – an excellent tool for further visibility inside and outside ALNA
  • Combined  Annual Meetings – extend business opportunities with no extra charges
  • Monthly newsletters
  • New Members have ALNA Management full assistance on approaching the fellows one, offering comments regarding history, specialization, activity since joining – by sending an email to our team you’ll get all the needful information about a fellow member
  • 24/7, 365 days ALNA Management support by email or WhatsApp – just drop a message and we will assist immediately for any of your need
  • WhatsApp Members Group – fast communication and fast replies, only used for business purpose



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The world needs Africa and Africa needs the world! Want to be part of the future? Then simply join us...

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Covered Areas

Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa is growing day by day. We select every week new potential members checking their past experience and reliability...

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Protection Plan

The protection of the Members’ credits inside the Network is undoubles one of the basis of a good working of every Network...


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