The major benefit is and will be to take part to a network dedicated to a continent, the Africa, the new frontier of the future development in our business.

You should consider also other advantages where we are:

  • Paying close attention to the selection of new Members and making sure everyone respects and follows the Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics. The current member maximum is three per country.
  • Organizing the Annual General Meetings.
  • A Protection Plan, which recognize a percentage in case of a bad debt between the ALNA members, considered as a unique solution, included in the membership fees.
  • Sending regularly the Newsletter to over 30,500 email addresses covering all industry news, events and legal changes.
  • Closely working with the FDRS (Freight Debts Recovery system).
  • Network partnership with Africa Logistics Network.
  • Quickly replying to all requests and offering 24h assistance.
  • Promoting our members by displaying their own dedicated profiles on the ALNA website.
  • Publishing our members’ websites and information on our social network pages, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Offering always a neutral arbitration.
  • Willing and open to all and any suggestions and comments to help improve our services and member satisfaction.

Join Us!

The world needs Africa and Africa needs the world! Want to be part of the future? Then simply join us…

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Covered Areas

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Protection Plan

Protection Plan activation terms and conditions   The protection of the Members’ credits inside the Network is undoubles one of…

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