Code of Ethics




Ethics should be a prerequisite for any business but, we believe, even more so in our business of International Freight Forwarding.  We act on behalf of third parties from all over the world and our customers must always have trust and confidence in us, in our work, in our prompt service and in our high professional standards.  Therefore, following and respecting the Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa’s Code of Ethics, is paramount for becoming an ALNA member and for maintaining membership.

Our Code of Ethics is based on two main points:

  1. Respecting other Members by replying as soon as possible to their requests, providing prompt payment of their invoices, supplying correct information and offering help,should any problems arises during shipments.
  2. Working to become a more active Member by helping to develop the Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa.


The Code of Ethics is mandatory for all ALNA members.

Under no circumstances will dishonest conduct and/or not respecting and following the law be tolerated.

All relationships between companies, as well as personal relationships, must be based on honesty, fairness, loyalty and mutual respect.

All exchanges of information between companies and people must follow and respect all International Privacy Laws.

Protecting and respecting the environment should always be a top priority, especially in the transport fields, and all companies that operate in this sector must maintain a strong commitment to developing their services according to these principles.

By completing the “Membership Request Form” or the “Join Us” form, the Members automatically accept ALNA Code of Ethics.


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