UP2GETHER – A new opportunity for Africa

Africa Logistics Network is pleased to annuonce the partnership with Up2gether a project designed by Barbara de Siena, active in a network a pool of highly qualified professionals selected to project companies and professionals towards an international context.
The work done over the years by the professionals involved in the project has created a specialized network in the work of internationalization for SMEs in France and French-speaking countries and in Africa.



In 2009 Barbara de Siena accepts a mission for a French company in Senegal and discover the charm and the immense potential of this continent. Thus began a collaboration with different structures in Africa, as DGPIP, that will lead to the preparation of different missions the accompanying companies in West sub-Saharan Africa.


The mission of Up2gether has always been to facilitate the internationalization of companies. Thanks to an experience of over 15 years in various areas, from food to fashion to renewable or traditional energy to constructions, Barbara and her team are able to offer capacity for synthesis and fast and accurate analysis according to the companies.

Up2gether – Business Center in Dakar

In order to sustain this project, Mrs. Barbara de Siena and her team decided to open an office in Dakar, Senegal.

The UP2GETHER BUSINESS CENTER DAKAR is the office that can represent the Italian or European companies who are interested in the African Market, offering services like:

  • Domiciliation
  • Commercial Management
  • Legal and tax assistance
  • Organization of events, showrooms and presentations
  • Support for trade fairs and local events
  • Rent of halls and offices
  • MKTG, communication and PR


Up2gether oganized missions in Sengal during April and May, current year, for markets like Construction, Food, Fashion and Industry.

Definitely, Mrs. Barbara and her team will continue with other missions in Africa, and we are more than proud to be partener of Up2gether. Will follow closely this project, even if previously, we never though to a partnership but we are convinced that our members will be able to offer support to the companies that will invest in this future called Africa.

For more information please visit: Up2gether


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