28 Jan 2020

Through Stacks‘ Bulk Liquid Vertical, they develop and implement transportation and logistics solutions for standardised bulk, chemical products and highquality liquid foodstuff.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management (QHSE) have the highest priority in the planning and execution of their operations. Through an extensive network of agents and owned office, Stacks, a member of ALNA representing South Africa, can offer a door-to-door solutions, providing with a perfect combination between local know-how and global reach.

ISOTANKS – They are proud to represent VandenBosch as their agent in South Africa. VandenBosch specialises in the transport of food grade bulk liquid transportation in Isotanks with a focus on movements between Europe and inter/Africa.

FLEXITANKS – they have an exclusive agreement with TRUST Flexitanks. TRUST is the only company in Europe who manufactures both Monolayer and Multilayer Flexitanks in the same factory. This allows them to offer the ideal tank for each type of product and customer profile. Their flexible logistics allow them to service orders with the maximum speed and efficiency. Quality of Stacks Flexitanks is reflected in the certificates demanded by the industry, as well as regulatory entities and bodies.


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