Akzent Logistics, member of Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa representing Mexico, is a company with more than 20 years of experience.

Our integral logistics service provides the necessary communication, visibility and analysis throughout the whole process, helping you to achieve yours and your business’ goals

Akzent simplify the logistics processes by creating long-term professional relations and they design customized solutions that make up each step of the supply chain by focusing on the specific needs of every project, all from one digital platform.


A technological platform that facilitates the planning, control, tracking, management and visibility, providing the comfort you need throughout the whole process.

Tracking (Web/App) → Connect with your shipment’s movement. We have a visibility system, which tracks the shipment in real time, from the consolidation storage release to the arrival at the border, crossing, pickup and transfer to plant.

Lara → Foresee any setback and ensure the arrival of your shipment. We generate routes and backup plans in case of any contingency by considering weather and infrastructure factors.

Business intelligence → Detailed analysis of critical indicators in the suplly chain. Thus, we ensure we provide a transparent service in order to be efficient at all times.

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