Logenix International, member of Airfreight Logistics network of Africa representing India, has been awarded as the “National Best Employer Brands 2020” by World HRD Congress and World Leadership Congress & Awards.

At Logenix International we consider our team the most important asset as our priority & focus is on client centricity & service excellence. This is constantly achieved with our experienced and passionate team who strive to exceed client expectations on every move. As an employer we are fully committed to bringing in & retaining the best talent and to provide them with a fulfilling career. At Logenix, our team members are trained locally & internationally covering quality & subject specific knowledge so that we are abreast of the latest developments in the industry and our clients experience a Best in Class Service. Our employee satisfaction & motivation is maintained at the highest levels with a robust review mechanism which ensures that performance excellence is recognised and rewarded on a regular basis.” by Logenix India’s MD – Mr. Asitha Udawela

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