ALN-PLA: A unique collaboration

Africa Logistics Network (ALN) and Project Logistics Alliance (PLA) are pleased to announce the beginning of a new, unique and long lasting collaboration.


For the first time, two independent networks, with distinct management, history and location, decided to collaborate in the interest and for the mutual benefits of their members. The ALN and the PLA share the same purpose and goals without any conflicts of interest.

One of the most important points is that the members of both networks, are not bound by any obligation in relation with the collaboration of the two networks.

Given both networks have different management, history, locations, both will still continue their own progress. However, whenever synergies become visible they will combine their strengths and come together to improve the growth in their markets and to facilitate the achievement of their mutual goals. To support this idea the networks will offer to their members:

  • Increased range of contacts all over the world
  • Two different strengths completing each other: African territory coverage (ALN) and Project Cargo (PLA)
  • Collaboration in the advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Every three years a common meeting, with the first one to be organized in 2019
  • No obligation but benefits if joining both networks
  • Best assistance from both Management Teams

Our aim is to have, even if we are two separate entities, a strong group offering reliable contacts and support all over the world. Starting with this common target, we thank you for your support and we invite you all to join us in this initiative.

The Management Teams are at your full disposal at the following email addresses:

Africa Logistics Network and Project Logistics Alliance (



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